A Special Shout Out to All The Women Who Have Helped Our Company Succeed

According to the Wall Street Journal The Year of the Woman Really, Finally Did Arrive in 2020. With the new year ahead of us, we have taken the time to reflect on the wonderful mentors who have brought us to where we are today.

Tricia Hudson, President and Owner of Strategic Solutions by Tricia, reflected on one such mentor, Suzanne Garcia, President and CEO of SeaHill Spa at The Historic Cavalier Hotel & Beach Club. “Suzanne is a role model for me and a friend. She is younger than I am, but so wise. The first time I met her, I loved hearing her story about how she grew up, went to college, and launched her businesses.”


“She probably doesn’t know this, but she helped me to launch my own business. I listened to her road of entrepreneurship, which inspired me. I focused on the key points that she shared about her success and opportunities to help me achieve my career dreams.”

“I have learned and will continue to learn a lot from her as I continue with my small woman-owned business. She is also a great resource. She surrounds herself with great people in business and was the one who connected me with a wonderful CPA who works with small businesses. That is just another example of her always willing to lend a helping hand.”

Thank you!

As we welcome this new year and all the hope and possibility that 2021 offers, Strategic Solutions by Tricia, LLC would like to give a special shout out to all of the women who have helped our company become what it is today.
We are forever grateful for the guidance, expertise, and friendship of these women:
Kim Curtis
President and CEO
Joanne Batson
Former CEO
Suzanne Garcia
President and CEO
Tracy Keller
Sarah Golden
Co-owner and CAO
Charity Volman
President of Corporate Banking
Barbara Hamm Lee
President and Talk Show Host
Carol Curtis
Kay Stine
VP of Development
Kimberly Sherlaw
Executive Director
Cynthia Callaway
VP of Institutional Advancement
Tracy Ashley
Director of Development
Robin Gauthier
Executive Director
Thank you for making a difference in the Hampton Roads community, being role models, and breaking glass ceilings.
We admire everything you do! ️

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