Top 5 List: Annual Fund Strategy

As your nonprofit begins to plan your fundraising calendar this year, keep SST’s Top 5 List for Annual Fund Strategy in mind so that your nonprofit can meet and surpass your goals!

1. Set a Realistic Goal

Select an annual fund goal based off of what your nonprofit CAN achieve. It’s important for your goal to be realistic. Analyze your nonprofit’s current capabilities and capacity to carry out a campaign that won’t fall short.

2. Build a Supporter Relationship

You’re passionate about your mission and your supporters are energized by your cause. Embrace that and bring your supporters onto your team. Incorporate programs to encourage long term relationships with your supporters by developing membership programs that include options for recurring gifts. Give perks to those returning supporters by bumping them up to the next giving level.

3. Keep Your Plan Fluid

Remain open to changing your fundraising plan or approach if your organization hits a snag. You might need to revisit your prospect lists and do additional work if you have trouble securing gifts at a certain level. Show your supporters you can adapt to challenges!

4. Consider All Variables

To create the most effective annual campaign possible, consider your cause, location, community size, outreach capabilities, and volunteer base. Tailor your campaign to maximize impact.

5. Select the Best Online Fundraising Platform

Choose the best online fundraising platform to make giving convenient for your supporters and simple for your nonprofit to use and gather reports. There are plenty of online fundraising platforms to choose from. Research and select in the software that meets your organizations’ needs.

Incorporate these tips to help your nonprofit AND your fundraising goals grow over time.

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