Consider the Blog: A Powerhouse Marketing Tool

Looking for an affordable strategy to attract customers or members?

Blogging isn’t just for influencers, foodies, and documenting travels — it is a vital tool for your company! Blogs offer an affordable strategy for small businesses and nonprofits to reach their target audiences and detail their capabilities.

Should you include blogs into your communications and marketing strategy?

6 Reasons to include blogging into your communications and marketing strategy:

Blogging —

  1. drives traffic to your site and attracts prospective customers and/or members.
  2. provides pertinent information to your target audiences.
  3. positions your organization as experts in your field while building brand awareness.
  4. boosts SEO quality as your blog provides relevant answers to search queries.
  5. gives more opportunities to rank in search engines when using a variety of SEO methods.
  6. creates opportunities for sharing when you join your social media and blogging efforts. Add those shareable blog quotations into your posts!

Is it worth your time to include blogs into your communications and marketing strategy?

3 statistics to consider when including a blog in communications and marketing strategy:

According to The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics

  1. 80% of companies who incorporated blogging into their marketing strategy reported acquiring customers as a result of their blogs
  2. HubSpot increased its number of monthly organic search views of existing blog posts that were optimized by an average of 106%. 
  3. Search is the number one traffic source to blogs across all industries.

Blogging has become an essential tool especially for small businesses and nonprofits. Every organization, no matter how small or large, can reap the benefits of blogs.

With a little help from alluring content, SEO optimization, and social media connection, your organization can move up the search engine ranks to #1!

The SST Team of expert writers, SEO optimizers, and social media marketers can help your organization create captivating content.

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